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What could be more enjoyable than the smell of salt air, sunshine and losing track of the number of whales you've seen. New Brunswick has "more whales, more often" and we don't want you to be disappointed! We specialize in a relaxed atmosphere aboard our vessel, with lots of one-to-one contact between our customers, Captain Wilcox and Mate Durlan. We'll provide you with interesting information and courteous service and be prepared to answer all your questions.


As we leave the dock and head for the prime whale watching grounds, we'll travel out among the inner islands,

beyond White Head Island to open water. This is the area where our trained eyes will begin looking for the familiar flocks of seabirds and blows of humpback and finback whales.


The sea birds, humpback and finback whales share a food source - herring. We're sure you will be adding to your bird list as we point out shearwaters, petrels, razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes, phalaropes, jeagers, gannets, murres or puffins! The birds sighted will, of course, depend on that particular species migration habits.


As we continue our charted course we'll expect to see humpback whales or the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Perhaps you will be the one to spot the first whale! You'll need lots of time to take in all you'll see, so we allow plenty of time with the whales.


The variety of sightings will depend on the abundance and location of feed and the ebb and flow of the tides and we'll be careful to follow the guidelines set out in the "Whale watching code of ethics".


After 43 years of successful tours, our knowledge of the area and the whales habits leave little doubt that someone will be saying, "'Thar she blows!" Is it a humpback, finback, minke, northern right, porpoise or dolphin? Perhaps a basking shark or some tuna will also join us. Captain Wilcox and Mate Durlan will take great pleasure in identifying them for you and ensuring that your tour makes memories to last a lifetime. If you would like more information on Bay of Fundy Whales, check out the Fundy Whales site!


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