Puffin TOURS

Machias Seal Island

Tour # 1 - Puffins | Machias Seal Island


These tours begin late June and continue until August 9th.

Departure times for this tour depend on the tide. Approximate departure times may be given several days in advance, but are subject to change due to weather conditions. If we cannot land due to poor sea conditions, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


Cancellations must be received at least 7 days in advance of tour departure. Cancellation for whale watching/ pelagic birding is 24 hours from tour departure.


All persons to go ashore:

Adults to go around:

Children to go around:


$ 115.00 per person

$ 115.00 per 13 Yrs and older

$ 56.00 per 12 Yrs and under


Tour # 2 - Whale Watching | Pelagic Birding


These tours begin on July 6th and continue until September 30th

Departure time from July 6 until August 9th will be at 8:00am or 1:00pm, depending on the departure time for our puffin tour. Beginning August 10th, the tour will leave at 11:30am. A second tour, at 4:30pm, may be added as needed. Every effort is made to ensure the promptness of your tour.



2016 Rates


12 Years and younger:

Discount rates available for groups

$ 66.00 per person

$ 46.00

Whales GUARANTEED or your Tour is FREE!


All tour prices include tax and are in Canadian funds.


Cdn. and US funds accepted

2016 Rates

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